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The Reason Why I Love Space

Hey everyone! I am glad to be back, writing for everyone to enjoy. The past few months have been very difficult; college applications, final grades, and just trying to figure out how I want to spend the next four years of my education. Nonetheless, I wanted to come back and explain to you how I got my passion. I know I have told this story before, but I wanted to go in more depth about what happened.

I was nine years old and spending my summer at the YMCA, as you would expect a nine year old. During one of the lunch periods, I read about a man, Reverend Efrain Rodriguez, who claimed that an asteroid will be striking Puerto Rico and that humanity would be completely wiped from the face of the Earth—I was petrified. I remember telling my mother that there was going to be an asteroid and her laughing at me. At the time I was shocked that she was laughing, but now I see how ridiculous my fear was. Just for some perspective, NASA can not cover something like this asteroid up. NASA is not the only space organization in the world nor do they own all of the telescopes in space so the news of a humanity-obliterating asteroid would spread one way or another.

Regardless of the numerous articles debunking this theory, and NASA themselves coming out with an article saying that there is no asteroid, I was petrified. I began reading archived articles on NASA's website and reading research papers concerning asteroids and how to calculate their trajectories. I was googling probabilities, scenarios, simulations and fueling this fear until September 24th 2015 passed and I knew that we were not going to die.

Because of this man and his myth and because of how he scared the life out of me I was thrown into this rabbit hole that is space exploration. I learned about telescopes, asteroids, comets, galaxies, and technologies. I shared this knowledge with my friends in the simplest way possible. That is why I created Easy Interstellar—to get YOU news in the simplest ways possible. Even though I have not been posting (thank you Paschal) I have still been dedicated to space and the beauties of space. So thank you for bearing with me, it feels good to be back.

-Bailley Georgieva

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