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The Abyss in Space, Pt. 1

It's the end of March. April Fools is tomorrow, and it's already a fast start to Spring Term. Yet, through all that chaos, I can't help but think about the floating abyss in space known where gravity is so strong that light itself can't escape its grasp, the black hole. Maybe it's the fact that I'm studying atoms and gravity recently in ICAPS (or the fact that I watched both Ant-Man movies last weekend), but I can't help but think about subatomic particles (the smallest things in the universe) and black holes (strongest point of gravity known in the universe).

What makes a black hole? What's inside a black hole? What would happen if you get sucked into one? What would happen if it appeared in our solar system? Can it appear in our solar system? Are we just lucky that a black hole hasn't appeared yet? I know the world doesn't have all the answers but I plan on getting as many as I can. When I do, I'll let you all know. Also, let me know any other questions you want me to research, and I'll be sure to include them in my next post sometime in the coming weeks!

Signing off,

- Paschal N

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