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Recap: Dr. Keith Voss Interview

Hello Everyone! I hope that you enjoyed the interview that I held with Dr. Keith Voss from the Lawrenceville School. We had a really productive conversation about Plasma Physics and the benefits of Plasma Physics in technology today.

The big question that was answered is what Plasma Physics is in the first place. Dr. Voss describes it using the Sun. The Sun is a massive ball of plasma that is being held together by the Sun’s gravity. Plasma in the Sun is incredibly reactive and “bouncy” as I find is most easily the word is to describe it. It moves very fast. Dr. Voss also describes how the plasma in the Sun can cause a supernova when the plasma heats up so much.

Plasma also provides a great and clean energy source for the planet. We talked about how hydrogen has been found on the moon and how energy could be created on the moon and sent back to Earth. Essentially, there are endless possibilities with plasma.

Most importantly, we learn about Dr. Voss’ experience earning his PHD and why he chose to go into Physics after teaching math for a while.

I am very grateful for Dr. Voss’ time and knowledge and appreciate the time spent on the interview. I encourage each and everyone reading this to go watch the interview, as it is incredibly informational and eye opening.

Stay tuned for more incredible interviews!

-Bailley G

P.S. To find the interview, click here

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