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It is VERY difficult to understand how big space truly is

When we think about the universe, we understand that it is a massive place or thing or whatever you really want to call it, that houses many celestial bodies and galaxys. Some people believe in an infinite universe, some in the multiverse, and some believe in a constrained universe that somehow just ends.

In an infinite universe, the number of galaxys, stars, planets, life, etc. can not be calculated. They are essentially infinite, we think. The difficulty of not knowing how big something truly is makes me wonder where do humans draw the line? The way I see it, we have accepted the universe as a constrained universe that grows the more we observe.

Picture a ball. Inside that ball we have all of the galaxys, planets, etcetera that scientist know exist and have discovered. Each time you pump the ball full of air, the ball expands. Essentially, each time we discover something new, the bigger our universe gets.

Do I believe in an infinite universe? Yes, I actually do. I think that the universe is so large that it expands and expands over time. I believe that it is very possible that there is a moment in the universe of pitch black (a black hole). Believing the universe is infinite can be tricky though. It messes with the scope of the mind. Think about it. We are so finite that we are essentially unimportant. If our earth or solar system implodes, there would likely be no dramatic change in the universe, so understanding this can get scary.

I still myself do not understand how big space is. There are many videos and helpful tips that scientis have come up with in order to try and explain it to common folk, but its really difficult to grasp these concepts. The most important thing is defining the universe for yourself in a way that you can understand it, so that you feel comfortable and excited with the universe's possibilities, and not scared.

Here are some helpful links:

Ask Ethan: How Big Will the Universe Get?

5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse

Three Theories of Inifinite Earths

I find that these links express the theories about the universe in very concise and understandable diction.

Have fun exploring and defining the universe! It is important in order to understand and see our future as a civilization!

-Bailley G

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