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Dear Highschool Physics Students Pt. 2

I AM IN SPAIN WITHOUT THE S. Except even though physics has been tormenting me even as I sleep, I still find myself enjoying and rejoicing at the thought of being back in a physics classroom and discussing energy conservation again.

I have never been so honest when it comes to my feelings about physics, especially since my parents want me to be "happy" with the work that I am doing. With physics, however, it is difficult to be happy when the work is so incredibly difficult. I'm not even going to mention how I did on the final exam......

I have decided that I will be creating a study program for all of you who are starting out so that you don't find yourself struggling the way I found myself struggling at the beginning of the year.

This program will consist of videos and downloadable content that will be FREE. Why should you have to pay for these study guides? You are all welcome to download these, reuse these, do anything you want with these guides, these videos, and these practice sheets.

Expect these to come out in the next few days/weeks. I hope you all enjoy and if there is a certain topic that you want to go over, please direct message me!

Stay Curious :)

-Bailley G

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