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Artemis I: Third Time's a Charm?

Artemis I Docked for Launch (NASA, 2022)

The quest back to the moon has so far seen a very bumpy ride. NASA has attempted twice to launch Artemis I, the first phase in bringing humanity back to the moon. Both have been waved off, first after encountering an issue getting one of the four RS-25 engines on the bottom of the rocket’s core stage to the proper temperature range for liftoff, and the second after a hydrogen leak (To be fair, the boosters and the engines being too cold was one of the main reasons why the Challenger exploded, and there were problems with the hydrogen tank as well). The third launch, previously scheduled for the 23rd, is now delayed until the 27th to make sure there is enough time to prepare for launch. If the third launch doesn't go through, how many more attempts will there be until Artemis I and the Artemis Program overall is canceled and results in failure? Personally, my bet is ten, and then maybe it's delayed a year (or they get Elon Musk for help) and figure everything out, and maybe retry unless it's too much money to keep it running without results. The Artemis I launches cost 4.1 billion dollars alone. How many more launches can they squeeze out of our taxes and loans until it's not feasible anymore? Hopefully, this is not a concern and the third launch will be successful and NASA can continue the return to the moon. Poor Apollo has waited 50 years to have some company, and I bet he's super excited about his twin sister taking her place representing the moon. So let's not get his hopes up and let him down NASA, or else he'll be sure to write a sad song about it. And nobody wants to hear him sing that tune.

- Paschal N


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