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And Around We Go Again

James Webb First Photos (NASA, 2022)

It's been three short summer months (it's been five since I've posted), but summer has come and gone, and it's time to recap my favorite stories that have occurred throughout the summer. It'll be a lot for me to tackle them all in one article, so I figured why not I say hello and let you know what's coming up. So with that said, these are topics I'll be sure to talk about in the coming weeks :

Artemis I Failed Attempts: Could the Return to the Moon Become a Failure?*

NASA has tried twice to launch Artemis, with another attempt coming up on the 19th. But will NASA ever get off that successful launch?

Hello James Webb, Goodbye Hubble?*

A Martian Aurora?*

The First Man-Made Moon Crater*

And so that's what I have planned for now, so stay tuned and good luck with the start of school!

- Paschal

*All working titles*


  • NASA. (2022, July 12). [First images from James Webb]. NASA.

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