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Bailley Georgieva

Beginning as a fear, exploring and understanding space has turned out to be my passion. It is incredible to think about how we are such a finite part of an infinite universe. 

My name is Bailley G, I am a junior at Lawrenceville School and I want to pursue rocket science in the future. My goal is to build the world's most efficient rocket with as little money as possible. It is a crazy goal, but with today's technology, it is very much possible. 

Easy Interstellar was created to explain my and others' views and interests in space and exploration. This can range from planetary sciences, research on space crafts, financial repercussions, and my personal favorite, aeronautical engineering. 

Very soon, the world will be advancing further and further into space, and I am here to explore this subject further and remind us all to stay curious. 

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Paschal Nwako

Hi! My name is Paschal Nwako and I am a sophomore at The Lawrenceville School.

I’ve been interested in space for as long as I can remember and I hope to one day become an astronaut/engineer myself.

I hope you enjoy all the posts to come!

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